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Special Seals

Special seals

At OZ Seals, we provide custom & special seals for applications that would require superior materials and unique seal profiles. With our fast, precise and advanced OZ Machines, OZ Seals is able to formulate any special seal profile and non-standard seal dimensions according to your drawings in no time at all.    Oz Seals, specializes in machining custom and special seals up to 2000mm in diameter. Our broad range of seal products are all manufactured from materials meeting the highest quality standards.

Special seal form­­

Design & Development

The OZ Seals in-house design and development team analyzes and examines all potential seal failures to ensure our clients have a successful seal in their hands. The design and development process, involves defining the specification  of your required seal through drawings, models or prototypes. The years of experience, have allowed OZ Seals to be equipped with world-class machines and advanced sealing technology software.

OZ Seals is constantly developing custom materials and unique seal profile designs to provide our clients with effective sealing solutions that will meet the specific demands of  various critical industries.

Machined on demand

The broad range of seal products, whether standard or custom/special seals, are all machined on demand in our workshop. Clients are able to order our seals as a single item or in small/large quantities . With the improved Sealnet, buying and customizing your seals has been made simple. Once the seals have been ordered and sent to production,shipping details which contains tracking ID number and link will be sent to your corresponding email.

Seal orders that are placed before 2 pm, will arrive the following day, or even the same day.

Step 1 – Identify your profile

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Step 2 – Choose your material

Choose from a broad range of Oz Raw Materials. To ensure that you have chosen the right material for your seal, click on the MSDS sheets for more material specifications.

Step 3 – Get a Qoute

Key in your name, email address, the material dimensions and materials to get a quote from the Oz Team. If you need one of our seal experts to double check that you have purchased the right seal for your application, you can add in your drawing dimensions or a picture of the seal.