Finding the right seal

Finding the right seal
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Step 1: Determine the seal profile

Hold on to the seal upright and determine the seal profile by matching it with the corresponding seal name in the profile chart.

If your seal is failing and needs to be replaced with a better design, you’ll need to provide:
1)The pressure
2)The slide speed
3)The operating temperature

Tip: If you’re unsure about your seal profile, don’t be shy to call in Oz Seals and ask one of our seal experts to guide you.
CLICK here for OZ Seal Profile Chart >>

Step 2: Taking seal dimensions

Use a good vernier to take accurate dimensions. Your seal will be sourced or manufactured to these exact dimensions, so it’s important to get them as accurate as possible.

The measurements you’ll need are:
1) ID = the inside diameter (You can also take this on your housing unit)
2) OD = the outside diameter
3) H = the height or width of your seal
Dimensions can be in metric OR imperial.

Tip: Often these three dimensions are all you need to start your search on SealNet

Step 3: Determining the material

The material is determined by the application.

If the seal is subjected to routine failures, then you may like to consider using a better grade material. Usually, this may cost a few dollars more but it can save you in maintenance costs.

Still stuck? Speak to a seal expert at Oz Seals by calling 1300 792 600.