Oz Large Seals

Oz Large Seals


Oz Seals manufactures large seals for applications that would require superior materials and unique seal profiles. We have a vast experience and knowledge of precision machining for large custom seals. Never compromising on quality, we have been manufacturing a huge number of large custom seals with no limit in diameter. At Oz Seals, we are dedicated to manufacturing large seals for the challenging and critical industries. With our fast, precise and advanced Oz Machines, Oz Seals is able to formulate any special seal profile with large seal dimensions according to your drawings provided in no time at all.    

Special seal form­­

Precision manufacturing for large seals


The material is determined by the application. If seal is subjected to routine failures,  a better grade material can be considered. Oz seals has formulated a range of Super Polymers – superior materials with excellent temperature characteristics that have proven itself in tough application situations.


Oz Seals CAD/CAM software processes seals automatically within minutes. Select from over 250 profiles covering all seal types and adjust the required parameters on a graphical interface.  Seals are automatically generated through the CNC machine to be cut in an instant.


Once  a CNC program sheet is processed, the manufacturing of the large seal can begin. At any point, engineers can change the specified dimensions and customize a standard profile to suit the needs of our customers. All necessary operations, tools, cutting feeds and speeds can be modified if required.


Due to its elasticity and flexibility of Oz Super Polymers,  Oz large seals are easily packed and shipped to our customers.

Seal Expert CAD/CAM Software


At Oz Seals, we understand the importance of seals and the immense costs a breakdown can cause to a business – that is why our emphasis is placed on sealing solutions with a very quick turnaround. One hour service is provided if necessary.