WA11C – The “first line of defence”

WA11C – The “first line of defence”

WA11C is double-lipped, metal-cased wiper is designed to press fit into open groove housings for a wide range of applications. The precision trimmed polyurethane wiping element is securely bonded to a metal case that is treated to inhibit rust.

The proportions of the polyurethane wiping lip follow the side movement of the rod to clear away heavily deposited dirt. This makes the WA11C metal case wiper an excellent choice for applications that are put to work under extreme conditions.

Being the first line of defence, the WA11C metal case wiper must be able to take the “hits” from the surrounding natural elements (ozone weathering, stone chips, humidity and water/rain). Therefore, it is important that they are are manufactured from a material that is strong and durable. WA11C metal case wiper is made of Oz Seals standard super polymer , ORSP – particularly resistant to abrasion which allows even the most stubborn dirt to be removed.

The Oz unique range of raw materials for seal making – thermoset, triple lubricated Super Polymers are suitable for high-performance/extreme applications. The ORSP high-performance Super Polyurethane Seals are designed to outlast the equipment they seal. Known for their superior material characteristics, the ORSP is the ideal choice of material for tough applications as

  1. They are hydrolysis resistant – No swelling would occur as they are able to be in contact with water
  2. High resistance to cracking – The seal would not disintegrate despite being exposed to the unpredictable forces of nature
  3. No stick slip motion – Being triple lubricated, ORSP Seals can run smoothly in hydraulic applications even with little or no lubrication.

Just like any other seal profile listed on Oz Seals, the WA11C can be custom made into any material or size that clients would require. For a custom metal case wiper to suit your application. please do not hesitate to contact our Brisbane branch office at 1300 792 600 or email us at sales@ozseals.com to talk to our seal experts about your specific requirements. For further material details, please refer to our materials list.