Polyurethane Gaskets – Large Scale

Polyurethane Gaskets – Large Scale

Polyurethane Gaskets, are various with their applications and properties. In comparison to the standard rubber gaskets, these gaskets are tailored for more for harsher conditions. Polyurethane gaskets also can withstand higher pressures yet compared to rubber gaskets which can’t retain their rigidity. 

The benefits of polyurethane gaskets, is their retention of shape. 

PU allows flexibility and maneuverability by retaining their shape after being stretched out, twisted and folded; and yet recede back to its original state. 

  •  Increased Abrasion and Friction Resistance: Two consistent pressures that gaskets face, where the wear and tear on the gasket could minimize their life. On the other hand, polyurethane has excellent abrasion resistance. Perfect for avoiding unexpected downtimes and emergency repairs. 
  • Withstand rapid temperature fluctuations: Oz SUPER95 Material allows the handling of a range of temperatures from high heat intensity up to 150ºC to the low temperatures of -50ºC 
  • High Load Bearing Capacity: Specifically picked just based off the bearing capacity, without the fear of wear and cracking and effective for its durability under intense pressure and heavy vibration
  • Customization: Polyurethane Gaskets are not only perfect for their flexibility but also their customizable additions that can be made. From various polyurethane hardness, sizes and thickness.

Oz Seals, was able to mass manufacture large scale Polyurethane Gaskets, specific to sample given to us. By measuring the specific dimensions and distance between the holes. We were able to manufacture exactly what the customer needed.