Sealing solutions for underground mining

Sealing solutions for underground mining

When it comes to working with underground mining, safety is key. It is crucial that seals and other spare parts are made only from the highest quality material so that these machines are operating efficiently to not only reduce cost but also maximize production and safety.

Due to tough mining  working conditions, a seal’s operating life can be greatly reduced when parts of the seal or even the seal itself are forced into the gap between the design’s moving and fixed elements. Seals that are being used in mining industries face many challenges such as sand, water, mud and rocks.  In certain circumstances where there are peak pressures of up to 250 MPa, special seals with high extrusion resistance are highly in demand. With our in-house machines that are fast, precise and advanced, Oz Seals has the capability to provide custom & special seals for underground mining applications that would require superior materials and unique seal profiles.  

Oz Seals broad range of seals are all made from materials meeting the highest quality standards and can be machined up to 2000 mm in diameter. Using our highly advanced software technology, our team of seal experts are able to provide our customers with a customized development, planning, design and production of special seals  and custom-made machine seals.

Every industry has its own set of challenges and no matter which industry we are working with, our main goal at Oz Seals is to :

  1. Reduce maintenance
  2. Improve safety
  3. Increase machine uptime
  4. Save energy and
  5. Lower down total costs

Seals used in underground mining applications

Shaft construction

These applications employ sealing systems that are harmonized with one another. The combination of primary/secondary piston seals and guide rings  can successfully handle peak pressures and extreme temperatures.

Long wall support

A custom seal profile is required to absorb the high pressure in virtually static applications. By means of special designs and materials, custom piston seal designs would be capable of offsetting peak pressures of more than 250 MPa.

Tunnel boring machines

A special, multiple seal arrangement is required for tunnel boring machines.  It requires the highest expectations for functional security and longevity – requiring Sealing rings made from tough, durable and long-lasting materials with diameters of up to 10 meters or more.