OZIFLEX systems – specially developed, food grade polyurethanes

Oz Seals OZIFLEX range of food grade materials are believed to be the worlds’ first.

Exhibiting excellent wear resistance and high elasticity, OZIFLEX systems exhibits outstanding toughness compared to other food grade materials that are currently in the market.

A wide variety of food, beverage and drug processing equipment use food grade seals in their daily operations.

Seals for these industries are required to not only be able to withstand the speed and abrasion demands of continuous operation but should also use FDA-compliant materials for chemical compatibility and non-toxicity.

Director Wilhelm Prinz has formulated a new, unique range of food grade seal manufacturing raw materials – OZIFLEX systems, which are suitable for high-performance applications and are designed to outlast the equipment they seal.

The three new materials in OZIFLEX systems (OZ NAMO, OZ NAPO and OZ PRO FLEX) have had FDA tests performed in accordance with the US code of federal regulations.

With a certified FDA approval, OZIFLEX systems is suitable for use in applications that will be in contact with dry, aqueous and fatty foods.

Ranging in hardness from 75A Shore D to 75 Shore D, these materials have good values for tensile strength, elongation at break and tear strength.

Additionally, their excellent wear resistance, high elasticity and high dynamic resistance as well as low permeability are just some of its advantages.

OZIFLEX system materials are great for pressure seals which are in contact with food and can ideally be used for seal energizers or piston seals that are one piece.