Oz Labyrinth Seal

Oz Labyrinth Seal

Sample of worn out Labyrinth Seal received from customer:

Every industry comes with its own set of challenges. With critical industries such as mining, oil & pump, and construction, they need the best protection that they can get as operating conditions can be extremely contaminated and greasy.

Years of seal experience has allowed Oz Seals to understand the importance of an extended seal life. The Oz Labyrinth Seal guarantees superior protection by excluding contaminants and water, reduce greasing intervals and extend bearing service life:

  • Excellent exclusion of contaminants
  • Pin added to the seal design to stop rotation
  • Longer bearing and seal service life
  • Reduced grease consumption
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • Split design to ensure easy installation

The compact and split design guarantees an easier installation and alignment. The Oz Labyrinth Seal consists of two rings (stationary and rotating), which forms a narrow labyrinth between the two rings.

Flinging action – the rotating labyrinth ring flings water, small contaminants (small rocks, debris) away from the bearing.

In-groove or pin seal designs – for split housings. Seals can be customized for use with competitor housings.

Inch or metric sizes – a wide product range to fit housings with different shaft sizes and applications. If larger sizes are needed, please contact Oz Seals Head Branch.

Easy alignment – circumferential groove on the outer diameter surface of the stationary labyrinth ring aids assembly and alignment. Grub/set screws in the rotating labyrinth ring firmly secure it to the shaft.

Worldwide availability – Oz Seals can meet the needs of multinational producers and on time delivery