Oz Cart 1 Single Cartridge Seal

Oz Cart 1 Single Cartridge Seal

The Oz Cart 1 is an exceptional high temperature seal, It’s seal design improves film formation between the mechanical seal faces and significantly enhances face lubricity. The film formation between the faces not only reduces heat generation but also increases its seal life in many high temperature application.

Oz Cart 1 – Technical specification

The design of Oz Cart 1 is extremely useful in high-pressure and hot water applications. Especially ​where pressure has a tendency to distort the seal faces due to an increased heat generation. In hot water applications, Oz Cart 1 improves sealing reliability.

Additionally, it is also useful in sealing fluids that have poor lubrication properties.

Oz Cart 1 Features;

  • A high temperature seal also designed for high speed and pressure
  • External cooling requirements are not needed for most applications, eliminating support equipment
  • Reduces the frictional seal face heat concerns common with standard contacting seal face designs
  • Compact cartridge design for easy and reliable installation
  • Use where external cooling is intermittent, limited, or unavailable

Oz Cart 1 Single Cartridge Seal is now in stock. For futher enquiries , please do not hesitate to drop us an email at sales@ozseals.com or contact us 1300 792 600.