Oz BPHP radial shaft seal available from Oz Seals

Oz BPHP radial shaft seal available from Oz SealsSealing applications vary with the conditions that the seals are subjected to. If a standard seal is used in an application requiring the ability to withstand high pressures, this will fail no ifs or buts. And, when the seal fails the pump, motor or other equipment the seal protects will stop functioning, or breakdown with further consequences.

Oz BPHP radial shaft seal from Oz Seals will withstand high pressures.

A compound seal, BPHP features a metal insert that is fully encapsulated by a specialised rubber compound. This compound is one of two rubbers: acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber with a hardness of 72 Shore A (called Oz BPHP 72 NBR) or fluro rubber with a hardness of 75 Shore A (called BPHP 75 FKM).

BPHP also features a short, flexible suspended spring-loaded sealing lip and an additional dust lip. This profile allows the BPHP to seal pressurised media, without an additional backup ring.

Oz BPHP can take radial pressures up to 10 Bar depending on shaft speed and other operating conditions.

Because of good sealing properties of the seal, BPHP is specially suitable for use in applications where low viscosity fluids or gaseous media are used.

The seal provides good pressure rotational sealing in applications like hydraulic motors, hydraulic pumps and hydrodynamic clutches.

The rubber encapsulated exterior assures sealing in the housing bore, even when considerable surface roughness is encountered. The seal also allows for thermal expansion and accommodates split housings.

BPHP can take mineral and synthetic oils in a temperature range of -40°C to 100°C (Oz BPHP 72 NBR) and from as low as -49°C to as high as 160°C for the Oz BPHP 75 FKM).

To work properly, the only requirement is for careful fitting of the seal, as recommended in DIN 3760.

Oz BPHP is available in range of metric and imperial sizes up to an OD of 200 mm (8′).