New Processing Machine from Oz Seals

New Processing Machine from Oz Seals
New Processing Machine from Oz Seals

Poly4 processing machine was recently commissioned at Oz Seals. Engineered and designed by Oz Seals engineers, the Poly4 was specially built in Europe to help enhance and streamline the production of specialised polymers.

The Poly4 is a four-component processing plant, which automatically produces bubble-free, high performance polymer stock. At no time during the process does any component come into contact with the atmosphere.

A fully-enclosed process until the output of material, the Poly4 uses controlled atmosphere, with inert gases to prevent contamination. Able to provide improved processing accuracy, the new equipment is able to safely handle more difficult pre-polymers and curatives.

As well, the machine is able to handle a larger heat range than its predecessor, the Poly3. The vacuum chambers are also larger than the Poly3, which was originally developed and built by Oz Seals in the late 90s.

The result of the new process now allows Oz Seals to develop polyurethanes which are tougher and possess better abrasion resistance to existing polyurethane stock. According to Oz Seals, the polyurethanes now produced are possibly strong polyurethanes, able to provide longer service life, to a factor of 10 times, compared to similar conventional seals.

Poly4 also allows Oz Seals to manufacture food grade polymer stock, which meet health regulations.

The polymer stock is used in Oz Seals? seal manufacturing system, which allows an operator to program any seal profile or shape, in a matter of seconds. This system is used to produce standard stock seals and is especially ideal for made-to-order seals which are required in a hurry for emergency situations.

Oz Seals seal manufacturing system uses specially developed software to drive CNC machines to produce seals quickly and accurately. Tolerance is close at + 0.003 mm.

Oz Seals manufactures polymer stock for use by its own production plants, as well as its seals partners around the world.