Largest metal-cased oil seal

Largest metal-cased oil seal

August has been a busy week for Oz Seals despite the current COVID restrictions and lockdowns that is happening all around Australia. Our team of sealing experts have been rolling up their sleeves and pushing the envelope in the seal manufacturing industry.

Just last week, our team manufactured and designed a custom large metal-cased oil seal. It was shipped to a customer and it would be installed in a mining application.

Our seal engineering expertise was up to the challenge. For starters, our engineers had to create the best solution to manufacture, design and machine this custom order. Being manufacturers of large seals, Oz Seals has the capability of manufacturing metal cased oil seals of up to 2000 mm Inner Diameter (ID)

Drawing on our 25 years of seal manufacturing expertise and excellence, Oz Seals rose to the challenge and did what we do best – machining a custom metal cased oil seal with 580 mm Inner Diameter (ID), Outside Diameter (OD) of 615 mm and a height of 20 mm.

The entire manufacturing process (raw material manufacturing to seal manufacturing) was all done in house from start to finish. The engineered solution was manufacturing a one-piece large oil seal which was later casted with a metal encapsulation within the raw material itself.

To manufacture a seal with a large dimension, our engineers have to be equipped with a precise skill set to handle a much more bigger and robust manufacturing system – Oz 6000L. The Oz 6000L is one of the larger manufacturing systems in Oz Seals. Equipped with a CAD/CAM software that was designed exclusively by Oz Seals, this strong machine can manufacture seal dimensions of up to 680 mm.

All our seals are manufactured from the highest quality standards and have been proven for years in a multitude of extremely harsh conditions. Our wide range of seals listed on Sealnet which are manufactured from our Super polymers are designed to outlast even the equipment they seal.