Good things come in small packages

Good things come in small packages

Patience, experience and precision are just some of the skills that seal engineers would require when it comes to manufacturing small size seals. The level of difficulty when manufacturing these tiny seals can be hard (or even harder) as compared to the manufacturing bigger ones.

Seal engineers who lack the experience or knowledge can find it relatively hard to manufacture them. Just like the larger seals, manufacturing these smaller ones might also take a few days. Seal profile complexity are just some of the factors seal engineers have to take into consideration when manufacturing these smaller seals.

Typically, the traditional method for manufacturing smaller seal dimensions would be injection molding- perfect for customers who are looking to purchase these seals in high volumes. It can be costly for one off purchases as the mold would have to be custom made. For one off or smaller volume purchases, Oz Seals would turn the seals as it will be much more cost effective .

Depending on the seal design intricacy, Oz Seals can manufacture seals with dimensions that are as small as 2 mm. No matter the size (large or small), custom or standard, customers can be sure that their seals will be given the same level of detail and attention.

With many years of experience, we have perfected our quality control methods for our raw materials and innovative manufacturing processes, all seals leaving our workshop are in a condition that is more than capable of giving a long and reliable service life.