Custom V Pack Seals

Custom V Pack Seals

Mass Production was nothing new for the Oz Seals Team, being able to manufacture countless sums of seals for our customers. However with an increasing demand for a growing industry, even more intricate seals have been purchased at higher quantities.

This Custom Machined Vee Pack Seal was designed to the specifications of the customer, making sure each exact measurement was made to ensure that once implemented, each seal can do it’s job.

All specific parts of the Custom V Pack were made of Oz Seals Polyurethane Material, including MOTUF & Super Red 95. Both which these materials, were made through our custom-fitted hydraulic press.

Both female and male adapters consisted of standard Oz Seals Motuf Material, ranging from -50 to 120°C (-58 to 248°F) allowing it to withstand extreme temperatures. Super Red also known as The OZ Red Super Polymer (ORSP), a prominent material constantly used in most of our production here at Oz Seals. Perfect for all-round use, was used as the material for each custom-made V-Ring centered in the Vee pack.

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