Custom, superior non contact seal design – Labyrinth Seal

Custom, superior non contact seal design – Labyrinth Seal

Seals are mechanisms in a machine that typically goes unnoticed until something goes wrong that will result in downtime. It has become increasingly important to pay close attention to these small but integral parts. New innovations of the labyrinth seal design has made it suitable to be used in a wide range of applications. The use of the labyrinth seal has been proven to extend a machines/bearing life span, reduce wear, and heat build up.

The labyrinth seal design comes in various types and to determine the suitability of each design for a given application, engineers must examine the seal’s performance during each of three normal operating modes:

  • While the shaft is stationary
  • While the shaft is accelerating or decelerating to its normal operating speed or speed range (or down to a stop or non-rotating operating mode)
  • While the shaft is operating at its normal speed or within its operating speed range

Despite having a complex “maze-like” pattern profile design, the custom Oz labyrinth seal took only a total of 20 minutes to manufacture. As Labyrinth seals are the first barrier of protection to prevent bearing failure, the maze-like pattern that is formed by machining and forming different angles prevents contaminants and splashing liquids from hitting the bearing.

In complex sealing systems when a contact seal is required, using a non contact labyrinth seal before the contact seal will boost the sealing protection. Having a labyrinth seal installed is definitely recommend for harsh, dusty or contaminated environments.

Oz Labyrinth seal :

  • Have a compact design for easy installation
  • Operate without causing friction to rotating parts
  • Don’t increase running temperature
  • Guard against fine or course contamination & splashing liquids
  • Provides a limitless operation lifespan 
  • Can be customized according to your required application. For example, material type and non standard seal sizes.