Bearing Protection Seals in Antarctica

Bearing Protection Seals in Antarctica

Here at Oz Seals, we provide a wide arrange of strong materials to ensure our manufactured seals can withstand all environments

The key to a long-lasting sealing product, is understanding the conditions and purpose of the seal itself. For harsh weather environments. reaching extreme temperatures of around -250°C (-436°F) to 200°C (392°F), requires material types which can withstand such temperatures. Not only temperatures but chemical resistance, are a primary issues as various reactive chemicals are always constantly flowing around the seal.


A Complete Stainless Cased Lip Seal, used for machinery, in extreme cold conditions. Used as a sealing solution for machinery, within Antarctica.

  • Profile: BP3C
  • Size: 40mm x 58mm x 7mm | 18mm x 35mm 5mm/6mm
  • Oz Seals Material: TMCF
  • Stainless Steel Case

For more information on the Teflon(TMCF) Material