5 Minutes with Diana Prinz, Regional Manager of Oz Seals Tullamarine

5 Minutes with Diana Prinz, Regional Manager of Oz Seals Tullamarine

This month we catch up with Diana from our Tullamarine branch in Victoria.

LL: You’ve been at the Melbourne branch for 7 months now. What are you looking forward to most when you come up for Christmas?

DP: Christmas is my favourite time of the year. I’m really looking forward to spending some quality time with my family and friends. Living in Melbourne has been a great experience so far and I’ve definitely learned so much. The change in scenery makes you appreciate what you have and also teaches you to make the most of what you’ve got.

LL: In your opinion, what are some of the challenges faced by the sealing market in Victoria?

DP: One of the main obstacles I believe we face down here, is the manufacturing industry is moving overseas. This has in a way affected us with people buying seals overseas, but what we need to remember is that a seal made under strict Australian quality standards tends to outlast the cheaper, offshore-made seals. This actually works out to be more economical in the long run and is without the hassles of import charges and potential miscommunication.

LL: When you were in Brisbane, you were integral to the customer service side of delivering quite a large range of stocked standard seals. How have you handled integrating that level of service in Tullamarine?

DP: Having SealNet behind our standard seal range has helped a lot. This streamlined search process has made life a whole lot easier with all the various profiles, sizes and pricing to be found in one spot. This has been imperative to finding what our customer needs quickly and efficiently.

LL: Thinking ahead, what can we look forward to seeing at Oz Seals Tullamarine?

DP: We have a few projects underway, but one I can tell you about is our ever expanding range of profiles. We are always updating and designing new macros to suit every sealing problem.