Oz Mec Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

Oz Mec

For all types of applications

We offer a wide range of mechanical seals for all types of applications, including:

  • conical spring seals
  • elastomeric bellows
  • parallel spring diaphragm type seals
  • balanced diaphragm seals
  • parallel spring O-mounted seals
  • PTFE wedge type seals
  • wave spring seals
  • water pump seals
  • direct replacement seals for common OEM pumps
  • direct replacement seals for food
  • beverage and dairy industries
  • cartridges
  • stationery seats
  • and much more…

Below are some examples of our Oz Mec mechanical seals. For more details on each Oz Mec product please visit our Sealnet store here.

Mechanical Seals

Oz Mec 1
Balanced O-Ring design with anti-clog features

  • Springs out of the fluid
  • Operate up to 42 bar (600 psi)
  • Non-fretting – will not destry shaft
  • Metal holder is never subject to fretting or wear
  • Seal face can be easily changed in the field or upgraded from carbon to silicon carbide

Oz Mec 0
Perfect for all alkalies and acids as no metal parts come in contact with the pumped fluid.

  • Balanced O-Ring design
  • Springs out of fluid
  • Non-fretting
  • Inspect seal while it is running
  • Operate up to 150 psi

Oz Split 50-50

  • All parts split
  • No pump disassembly
  • Up and running in half an hour
  • Minimum number of parts
  • Full vacuum or 400 psi

Oz Stationaries

All Oz Mec seals are available in tungsten carbide, silicon, carbide and ceramic, depending on customers’ pumping requirements. What we need to know from you:

  • Shaft Size
  • Stuffing Box ID
  • Stuffing Box Depth
  • Stuffing Box Pressure
  • Stuffing Box Temperature
  • Sealing Medium
  • Medium pH
  • Equipment Type
  • Are there any abrasives in the medium?
  • Can you flush the medium?
  • Do you want packing or mechanical seal?

Cartridge Seals

Oz Cart I

  • Balanced O-Ring design
  • Easy to install
  • Repair Kit available
  • Self Aligning
  • Springs out of fluid
  • Stationary spring design

Oz Cart II

  • Repair Kit available
  • Control face temperature by use of barrier fluid
  • Double or tandem seal design
  • Self Aligning
  • Springs out of fluid
  • Stationary spring design

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