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Complete turnkey package allows any seal to be machined within minutes. Includes instant seal manufacturing system, CAD/CAM software, tools and training to get you started.

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Can’t find a seal? We specialise in machining custom seals up to 2000mm in diameter. For standard seal sizes, visit Sealnet for Australasia’s largest range of hydraulic seals and pneumatic seals.

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Raw materials and semi-finished billets in a variety of sizes. Our polymer division, Prinz Polymers, produces ongoing innovations in Super Polymers for exceptional performance under this changing industry.

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Discover the Oz Difference

Decades of



The Oz Difference

Since 1995, Oz Seals has been established as the trusted manufacturer of hydraulic and pneumatic seals for critical industries including the underground mining and automotive industries. We understand the importance of seals and the immense costs a breakdown can cause to a business – that is why our emphasis is placed on sealing solutions with a very quick turnaround. One hour service is provided if necessary.

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Oz X Series

The perfect




The latest in Seal Manufacturing excellence is here. Introducing the Oz X Series, for extreme performance in machining instant seals. Precise, fast and powerful, the largest system offers the capability to manufacture seals up to 2000mm in diameter. Each system is complete with Seal Express Software, tools and training to get you up and running smoothly.

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