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Special Seals

Oz Seals believes that our clients deserve nothing but the best. Our Oz special seals and custom-made machine seals are manufactured from only the highest quality of materials. With our innovative manufacturing process, we can manufacture any special seals or custom-made machine seals that you require on request. With our advanced software technology, we will provide you with a customised development, planning, design and production of special seals or custom-made machine seals. Oz Seals manufactures polyurethane seals, super seals, high-performance seals, and polymer seals.   The industries and applications we provide sealing systems include hydraulic applications, heavy duty hydraulics, pneumatic applications, fork lift trucks, road construction machinery, injection moulding machines, presses, diesel engines, propelling shafts, mining props, valve and pump seals.


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Standard Seals

Our online division, Sealnet, offers the largest range of standard sealing solutions. At Oz Seals, we believe in having a fast and reliable service that you can trust. We offer same day delivery service if you order before 2 pm or fast 1-2 days delivery service. Applies to standard sizes. Sealnet is an online platform which allows you to have a quick search for any of our products ranging from pneumatic seals, hydraulic seals, mechanical seals, seal kits and packings.

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Our Facilities

Oz Seals


Sales Capability


Oz Seals has over 25 years of experience in the sale of seals. We have backgrounds in engineering related industries and have had practical experience in seal installation and repair. With the  vast experience we gained over the years, it has enabled us to develop solutions for various sealing problems. We are happy to share with you our extensive knowledge of standard seals and wide-ranging seal design experience.

Production Capability


Many of our engineers have completed their apprenticeship and have had years of experience. Our engineers are experts in  their own field and have vast experience in the manufacturing of specialized seals, production of raw materials and machine refurbishment. They are skilled in using a wide range of equipment in our workshop, including the CNC machines.

Manufacturing Facility


  • OZ 2000x – seals to 250mm
  • OZ 3000X- seals to 300mm
  • OZ 4000X – seals to 400mm
  • OZ 6000X – seals to 600mm
  • OZ 8000X – seals to 800mm
  • OZ MINI MEGA – seals to 1,500mm
  • OZ MEGATRON – seal to 2,200mm
  • Prinz Poly 3 (Polyurethane casting)
  • Prinz Poly 5 (Polyurethane casting)
  • Rubber Vulcanizing
  • Lathes
  • Milling Machines
  • Rubber Mills

We supply you with

Seals up to 2001 mm in diameter
Any custom-made seal
One hour service, if required
One-off and large quantities
Over 200 standard profiles
Dimensions in metric or imperial
+ Urethanes, rubbers, teflon, plastics & more
+ Mechanical seals
+ Packings
+ Super Glue and PTFE Tape

Highest quality and fastest delivery

Seals we manufacture

Hydraulic Seals
Pneumatic Seals
Oil Seals
Gland Seals
Piston Seals
Wiper and Scraper Rings
Back Up Rings
Guide Rings
High Pressure Rotaries
Bearing Protection Devices

And much more…

Technical Services


Specification of special seals
Failure Analysis
Seal Design and FE-Analysis


Certificates (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000)
Program Confirmation (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000)
Reach Regulation (EC 1907/06)
Certificate Of Currency
Quality Manual

Same day service

Order before 2pm and receive same day delivery. Applies to standard sizes. Call our sales team on 1300 792 600 for more information.