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Chemical Resistant & Wear Resistant

Oz Double Acting Piston Seal (PKOK), is a piston ring system that consists of two parts; a rubber oval expander ring and a plastic piston ring. The Oz Double Acting Piston Seal (PKOK), can be used for fluid sealing in hydraulic cylinders. The design of the Double Acting Piston Seal (PKOK) is to ensure that pressurized fluid does not leak across the cylinder head as the system pressure pushes the piston down the cylinder bore.

Oz Double Acting Piston Seal (PKOK) is capable of sealing dynamic pressure from both sides. (PKOKDouble Acting Piston Seal can give rise to a breakdown due to the high pressure which is trapped between the seals.

The Oz Double Acting Piston Seal (PKOK) is made Oz Nitrile Rubber and Oz Monyt that can operate leak free and can maintain a long service life.

Oz Nitrile Rubber has excellent resistance to petroleum products has the ability to be compounded for service over a wide temperature range which makes it a popular sealing Material.

Fluid/Chemical Resistance:

  • Resistant to Mineral oil, greases, water and many other chemicals/hydrocarbon fuels

Oz Monyt has proved to be an excellent choice for bearing and bushing applications. It has high compression modulus due to the glass fibre reinforcement and has excellent dimension stability.

Fluid/Chemical Resistance:

  • Resistant to Mineral oil, greases and water

Oz Double Acting Piston Seal (PKOKare now listed on our Sealnet web store. If you need further information or want to discuss your sizing requirements, please contact our Brisbane (Slacks Creek) branch on (07) 3290 1846.

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