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Double Acting Seal, PK56JTP

Well Proven Design, Wear Resistant & Long Life

The double acting seal piston, PK56JTP, uses a NBR sealing element which has proved itself in service to be extremely wear resistant and capable of working most effectively in a wide variety of medium duty applications. The double acting seal piston, PK56JTP, is also suitable for all pistons.

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The assembly comprises a NBR seal, two back up rings in Wifflon and two split bearings in Monite.

The main applications for the double acting seal piston, PK56JTP,  are hydraulic cylinders for general hydraulic systems and presses. agriculture machinery and mobile hydraulic systems.

The robust assembly of the double acting seal piston, PK56JTP is specifically designed for all pistons and is now listed under the Sealnet web store, or custom sizes are also machined upon request.


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