Wide range of super polymers available from Oz Seals

From the development over many years of their range of polyurethane stock, Oz Seals has been formulating a range of super polymers that will outlast the equipment that they seal.

Designated as high performance, extra high performance and ultra performance ranges, these polymers combine many of the advantages of rigid plastics, metals and ceramics, with the extensibility of rubber.

The super polymers exhibit a range of hardness from 10 -15 shore A (softer than a rubber eraser) to over 90 shore D, which is harder than a golf ball.

What set the material apart is the great compression properties, which provide greater load bearing capability than conventional elastomers of equal hardness.

In addition to high load bearing properties in both tension and compression, seals made from these super polymers have a high load bearing capacity in shear.

Even at the high hardness levels, these materials have significantly better resistance than all plastics.

Another important characteristic of these materials is the ability to resist cracking under repeated flexing.

One of these super polymers outlasted the test equipment, which broke under the strain of continuous testing. This incident has helped set the tone for the development of similar hardwearing polymers that is part of the development program at Oz Seals.

Unlike many elastomers, Oz Seals super polymers can be used in thin sections because of their strength and toughness.

A good number of these super polymers remain flexible at low temperatures and exhibit outstanding resistance to thermal shock. A selection of these materials will also work well under continuous operation in temperatures up to 120°C.

For applications where severe wear is a problem, Oz Seals materials offer outstanding durability when compared with rubber, plastics and even metals.

All seal stock has been formulated based on actual experience and/or simulated service tests to take advantage of their high abrasion resistance.

Oz Seals super polymers exhibit perfect water resistance being resistant to swelling and deterioration under continuous water immersion. They have perfect long term stability in water up to 50°C.

Resistance to chemicals, mould, mildew and fungus growth is also superior, with resistance varying according to type of polymer used in the formulation.