Oz Seals spring-energised seals

Oz Seals spring-energised seals

What is a spring-energised seal?

Spring-energised seals, provides durability and reliability when it comes to sealing solutions in critical applications in various industries.

The design of the spring-energised seal has the capability of extending the operating limits of polymer-based seals by:

  • Having a gas-tight sealing system for end-users
  • Achieving fugitive emission reduction goals and
  • Meeting environmental regulation standards

Spring-energised seals are a reliable option compared to standard elastomer-based and polyurethane-based seals as they do not meet the operating limits, equipment parameters and even the environmental conditions of the application.

Although many standard seals meet basic needs, engineers still prefer a spring-energised seal because of its reliabilty and for their own piece of mind.

Spring-energised seals (Helicoils, External Springs, Garter Springs, Meander Springs) are now in stock. To view our full range of spring-energised seals, visit our Sealnet Shop.

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