Rod and Piston Seals from Oz Seals

Rod and Piston Seals from Oz SealsCharacterised by multiple sealing edges (up to five), compared to more conventional seals, with only one or two edges, Oz Quatro is now available from Oz Seals. The seal also features a double-acting crown backing seal for even better and safer sealing.

It is logical to conclude that with multiple surfaces one gets better sealing and consequently more friction. Oz Quatros multiple edges, allows the user to achieve better sealing and smoother operation than more conventional seals.

The unique design also allows the seal to hold more lubrication in the valleys of the seal profile, thereby reducing friction considerably.

This, plus a backing crown, means effective sealing, with not only less friction, but also the removal of pump effect. This phenomenon refers to the action of compression of a seal whereby a nasty oil ring is left on the rod on expansion, which then starts to drip.

Available in five configurations, including compact and energised models, Oz Quatros are suitable for use in critical hydraulic rod and piston sealing applications usually found in earthmoving, mining, manufacturing, building and construction, to name a few. Based on a U-shaped seal, the different configurations allow for versatility and a wider range of uses.

This single action seals, with double-acting crown backing, are able to withstand extremes of operating temperatures. Oz Quatros easily take hydraulic oil (HL, HLP) and mineral grease temperatures of -50°C to 120°C. The seals do not exhibit stick slip, even under low pressure.

The seals provide static and dynamic tightness, low friction and smoother operation at low linear velocities. Oz Quatros can be used as individual seals or as secondary seals, as part of an integrated sealing system.

The use of Oz super polymers as seal stock means that the seals are able to resist cracking under repeated flexing, as well as exhibit high load bearing capability in both tension, compression and shear.

Oz Quatros also provide longer service life than more conventional seals, up to three times longer.

Oz Quatro seals are available in a range of sizes in imperial and metric and can be supplied in large sizes up to 2000 mm diameter, if required.