Oz Seals set to command the future with GSK

Oz Seals set to command the future with GSK

When it comes to the seal making industry, there are many aspects that are required to work together to have a successful end product – especially when it is in regards to, seal machines and its technology. Having an extremely diverse market, it comes to no surprise to anyone that the manufacturing process is constantly evolving. Seal technology is now just as important as the CNC machine itself.

Recognising the significance of having CNC machines that has “the whole package”, Oz Seals is confident in continuing our 8 years partnership with GSK CNC Equipment CO LTD. As Oz Seals takes pride on the quality of our seals, we are happy to have already perfected the art of our seal manufacturing process. Oz Simploz Manufacturing Systems were designed to meet our sealing needs.

Simploz S, M,L and XL series CNC machine models have been carefully developed to be one of the most successful CNC machines that is currently out there on the market. Today, over 85 Simploz Manufacturing System Machines have been sold worldwide. The success of these machines is largely because of the precision when it comes to building them. Each machine is carefully perfected with our own Simploz CAD/CAM software and equipped with the latest GSK CNC controller.  Despite the machines being customizable, Oz Seals have appointed GSK CNC Equipment CO LTD as our preferred control partner.

CNC turning control specialist GSK  has always been known for their easy operation, reliability and user-friendly interface. The GSK980TDc turning machine system (currently being used in our Simploz Machines) is a new product. It is an upgraded version from GSK980TDb. This new updated controller has additional features added such as press keys, graphical interface design and dialogue box operation. China based GSK CNC Equipment CO LTD has been the leading forefront of the CNC specialist market. Their ability to provide worldwide support to their customers is one of the main reasons as to why Oz Seals have been in partnership with them for many years. GSK CNC Equipment CO LTD was always ready and happy to assist with any technical queries that we have despite the time difference.

With GSK having the knowledge and resources, Oz Seals is happy to continue this collaboration. This close working partnership with GSK will  only be an added value to future Simploz Manufacturing Systems  due to the 30 years of experience that GSK has in the CNC machine market.