Oz Seals releases heavy-duty Quattro Seal

Oz Seals releases heavy-duty Quattro Seal

Published on: Australian Mining Magazine

Link: Heavy Duty Quattro Seal

Oz Seals has released the heavy-duty Quattro Seal as part of its standard seal range.

The company says the Quattro Seal is twice as safe as a standard seal and has lower leakage and failure rates.

According to Oz Seals, the unit is ideal for heavy-duty hydraulic and pneumatic applications.

The product uses four sealing surfaces, twice as much as a standard seal, to make a positive seal.

This also extends the life of the seal, because less pressure is required to create a positive seal.

Furthermore, if the primary seal does fail, the secondary seal backs it up.

Oz Seals says the Quattro Seal will also work in extreme temperatures and remain flexible at low temperatures.