New and Improved Oz Hydraulic Valve Seal

New and Improved Oz Hydraulic Valve Seal

Hydraulic valve systems are used to regulate fluid flow within a circuit or system. They are used to close a line, redirect pressurized fluid or control the level of flow to a specific area.

Designed in a wide range of styles, these valves are controlled either manually or automatically. Hydraulic valves are capable of withstanding large amounts of fluid pressure as the nature of these hydraulic systems involves extremely high pressures (upwards of 3,000 psi).

Due to high pressures and tough working conditions, leaking at the valve ports is a common problem that many hydraulic valves and control units face. Elastomer based O-Rings are the root cause of these leakages. With time, pressure and temperature, elastomer based materials will have a permanent deformation – causing the O-Rings to loose their shape and eventually their sealing function.

To increase the life expectancy of these hydraulic valves and reduce maintenance costs, Oz Seals has improved on the sealing function of the traditional O-Ring by changing it to a rectangular ring.

Benefits / Technical Features

The new valve seal significantly increases the life expectancy of hydraulic valve systems. Manufactured from super polymer, the rectangular ring will have a higher resistance to extrusion, twisting and compression. The improved fit within the groove ensures that the valve seal can be easily installed or assembled as there will be no equipment modification needed. A better grade of material also increases its sealing life as there will be less deformation and internal stress.

Oz Seals can manufacture custom hydraulic valve seals to any dimension or material that is required. For all enquiries, please drop us an email at or give us a call at our Brisbane head office on 07 3290 1846.