This machine is used for producing casting polyurethane elastomer product which uses MOCA and other material as chain extender, such as Butendiol or Ethacure. Different PU rubbers can be switched instantaneously to produce CPU of different materials.


A POLYOL or pre-polymer ~4000mpa.s 45℃-100℃
B MDI/MDQ or pre-polymer ~4000mpa.s 45℃-100℃
C For Alcohol type chain extender ~500 mpa.s 45℃
C For MOCA 10~1000mPa.s(~130℃)
S1: (For pigment) :. 50 ~ 800 mpa.s (Normally temp)
S2 (For additive agent)Output 1-10L/MIN (4-8 average)There are some weight differences when the density of the raw material and the mixing ratio of the raw material are different.
Option: Two added tank for colour and agent use.Tanks A B C Tank
Material of Tank: Stainless steel AISI 304
With heating jacket
Max capacity A240L B240L,C120L
Useful capacity A160L B160L, C70L
Heating system Oil recirculation
Temperature check PT100 sensor.
Max Temp 130℃Tolerance on the temperature holding Within +/- 1.5°C
Mixer: Stainless steel material ,anchor type
Mixing speed: Adjusted according to different raw material
Inspection window: Glass window in the tank bodyOption: Electrical inductor

Auxiliary System: Vacuum system
Nitrogen filling system
Vacuum meter
Raw material filling system
Raw material Vacuum absorb system
Raw material unloading system
Material PTFE reinforced with steel web
Heating system OIL
Max working pressure 20 bar
Max Temp 130℃
Tolerance on the temperature holding Within +/- 1°

Metering system A B, C, S1, S2 Components
Metering pump Gear pump, high quality
Delivery capacity of Metering pumps:

A 30ccm/r,B 30ccm/r,C 6ccm/r, S1 0.6 ccm/r, S2 0.6 ccm/r

Filters: Highly filtering surface Stainless steel 304.
Motor inverter controlled electric motors with tachometer and thermal sensor
ALL the metering system and filters keep under the tank and within the heating

Mixing head
Material: High strength alloy
Speed: 0.0 to 6500 rpm.
Heating: Electric independent.
Mixing system: Dynamic mixer directly coupled to the motor.
Temperature check: Thermal sensor.
Tolerance on the temperature maintenance: +/- 1°C
Motor: Electric controlled by an inverter.

Injectors for A,B,C, S1, S2

Material:High strength alloy
Heating: Electric, independent.
Temperature check: Thermal sensor.
Tolerance on the temperature maintenance: +/- 1°C

Auxiliary Metering and injection system: 1x for color, 1 x for additive agent:
Pump:Gear Pumps
Flow range: 0.012-0.12L/min Metering accuracy: 0.3%.
Pressure check: Pressure transducer.
Tank capacity: 0.6L/2L
Motor: Electric managed by an inverter.
Injectors: Single for each auxiliary with independently adjustable injection pressure.

Cleaning system
Tank:20L Stainless steel
Control of Liquid: Visual glass window
Low position warning electronic equipment
Injector: Inject raw material to mixing head directly. The running speed and circulation of cleaning solution, air,mixing head are controlled by each single system. It can reach the best cleaning effection . In order to save the consumption, it can also set the pre-cleaning program for each component.

The manual cleaning type for the emergency situation of emergency power off is also available for this machine.

Note : The function of automatic cleaning could also be designed.

Option of cleaning solution : none inflammable and explosive Solution, like : DBE/MC.

Circuit Board and software
The circuit board is designed in compliance with the EC standard.
Software:Both the working time and waiting time can be controlled by the software system.
The parameters is shown through the systems as below:
* Figure of Real-working time position
* Formula program design
* Auto-Screen


Height: 2,200mm
Length: 3,420mm
Width: 2,100mm
Length of injection handle: 1,300mm
Weight: 2,500kg
Installation terms:
Vacuum pump: 40m3/h
Compressed air: Dry air 5/7 bars
Flow capacity: > 5 Nm3/hour Power: 220V/380V – 50 Hz (3P+N+T)