OZ 6000X

Users requiring a highly powerful system for manufacturing seals up to 630mm will appreciate the Oz 6000X Wil. As one of the largest systems available from the Oz X Series, the Oz 6000X Wil offers greater stability with its rigid iron cast frame. Suitable for intermediate to advanced users, it is capable of machining seals at speeds of up to 1500rpm. The system is equipped with a hydraulic chuck and hydraulic tailstock with the option to utilise VDI Power tool turret. This complete seal manufacturing seal system includes a complete tool set, swarf extraction system and the seal manufacturing CAD/CAM software exclusively developed by Oz Seals.

Complete Turnkey Package Includes:

+ Seal manufacturing software and hardware
OZ Seal Turn CAD/CAM Software
OZ Seals Fitting Manufacturing Software
– Computer
+ Swarf Extraction System
+ Toolbox (holders, cutting tools and spares)


Item Specification Parameter
Capacity Max. swing dia. over bed(over guideway shield) Φ660mm
Max. swing dia. over slide Φ600mm
Max. turning dia. Φ630
Standard machining dia. Φ490mm
Center distance 1060mm (Opt.)
Effective max. turning length 1000mm
Spindle Spindle bore Φ112mm
Spindle type A2-8
Inner hole taper of spindle Φ120 1:20
Spindle speed 1500rpm
Spindle motor power 22kw
Chuck size 15’’
Max. bar through dia. /
X/Z axes Repeated positioning accuracy X/Z 0.006/0.008mm
X axes travel 400mm
Z axes travel 1140mm
X/Z axes linear guideway width 45*45/55*55mm
X axes ball screw O.D./pitch 40/10mm
Z axes ball screw O.D./pitch 50/12mm
X/Z axes rapid moving speed 16/16 m/min
Tool turret Tool turret type 8T-160/12T-160(opt.) Hydraulic
Toolshank size 32*32, Φ50mm
Tailstock Tailstock quill taper MT5#(MT4# rotation)
Tailstock quill travel 150mm
Tailstock socket dia. Φ150mm
Tailstock guideway Rectangle guideway
Others Machining roughness Ra<1.25
Lubrication oil pump capacity 2L
Coolant pump capacity 130L
Total power 50KVA
Overall size 3.4/3.6*1.9*1.9m
Weight 5.0t
CNC Controller GSK928TEa
Automatic Tool Setter


Item Brand
Spindle&X/Z axes bearing JAPAN NSK/NTN
Ball screw TAIWAN HIWIN C3 class
Linear guideway TAIWAN HIWIN P class
Spindle motor ECO top-CTB
Hydraulic parts ECO top
Hydraulic chuck&cylinder TAIWAN
Hydraulic tool turret TAIWAN
Lubrication oil pump ECO
Coolant pump ECO top high pressure
Working lamp ECO top LED
Travel switch ECO top
Door class ECO top Armoured glass
  • X/Z axes linear guideway, tailstock hard rectangle guideway.
  • GSK928TEa CNC Controller(english) with MPG
  • X/Z axes driver&motor: GSK brand AC servo
  • Spindle: ECO top brand Servo Motor&Driver.
  • Hydraulic chuck(TAIWAN brand thru-hole chuck 10''&TAIWAN brand thru-hole rotary oil cylinder&hydraulic power unit)
  • TAIWAN brand 8 station Hydraulic tool turret
  • Hydraulic Tailstock
  • Automatical Chip conveyor&chip bucket
  • Automatical lubrication,Tri-color indication lamp, coolant system, working lamp, heat exchanger,pedal switch
  • CE standard safety protection.

NOTE: As we are constantly upgrading and improving our machines, specifications are subject to change without notice.

Machines are custom configurable - please enquire for more details.