Industrial Vacuum

Mainly used for dust removal, cycling and supporting for metal,machinery, automotive , aerospace, electronics, food ,chemical,pharmaceutical,etc. Industrial Vacuum Cleaner is fourth-generation developed which is specially designed for clean and collect fibre fly of the textile industries and granular dust.


Power 380V/50Hz
Motor power (KW) 5.5
Wind(m³/h) 370
Vacuum degree (KPa) 29
Filter area(cm³) 60000
Air intake(mm) ¢60
Collecting efficiency (%) 99.97
Floor space(cm) 113×50
Height(cm) 107


  1. Adopt motor coupling with whirlpool fan, The whirlwind separator of dust entrance reduce the pressure of filter.
  2. The filter adopts polyester acupuncture felt bag and draw-bar deashing
  3. The clamp handle of iron dust storage is quick, convenient and steady. The storage is equipped with volume prothole and mobile pulley, which make it easier to throw out the dust.
  4. Characteristics: compact in structure, nice in appearance, no exposed power, strong in suction, steady in performance, easy in moving, safe and convenient in operation.
  5. It is used in collecting swarf, wet dust, >8um dust and particulate matter.
  6. The electronic control system adopts phase sequence and open circuit, overheat and overload protect system, it is suitable for 24 hours of continuous operation and can be used in cleaning all kinds of pecision machinery supporting, process equipment, suspension equipment, ceiling, wall, floor and the corner.
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