DIN3869, Product of the Month!

DIN3869, Product of the Month!

DIN 3869 are axially static soft seals in combination with threaded elements.

They are commonly used, in construction machinery,hydraulic presses, injection machines,fittings, hydraulic valves and threaded tube connections in industry in general.


DIN 3869 profile sealing rings are used for the axial-static sealing of threaded tube connections, fittings and sealing screws with stud ends in connection with ports. By tightening the screw connection the easy-to-handle elastomer profile sealing ring is compacted, which allows the sealing effect at the surfaces to be sealed. The main purpose of DIN 3969 is to stop the medium from leaking which will prevent the loss of pressure. The geometry also protects the seal against twisting during installation and in the installation housing. At the same time, DIN 3869 holds back dust and dirt. Because of the geometry of  DIN 3869 profile, any mechanical deformation of the cross-section is minimised.

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