Change is GOOD!

Change is GOOD!

We are excited to announce that the Oz Seals Manufacturing factory will be moving to

59-64, Railway Parade, Loganlea from June 2018.

Thanks to our partners, PINK, Allroads, and Boulder Wall Construction, our new factory is already well on its way and Earthworks Stage 1 has already begun.



Our old manufacturing factory has served us well, and we have made great memories there, but we could not be more excited about our move.

While we are happy with our Slacks Creek Factory, there were several motivating factors  that led us to make that new change;

  1. Space. With our old factory, space was just getting tight for us. With the new Oz Seals Manufacturing factory, it offers us the square meters that will better fit our growing team as well as our ever-growing line of products.
  2. Visibility. In our current Slacks Creek factory, we were hidden behind many other buildings and companies. Our clients found it hard to locate us. While we really liked our neighbors, we felt that is was time for us to be seen!  We are hoping with our new location at Loganlea, it will give us great exposure from the Logan Motorway and will help boost our visibility.


It has been an exciting few years for Oz Seals, and we hope that this new location is a fresh start in a new chapter in our history. We are still preparing ourselves for the big move but we are incredibly excited for what is to come for us in the new year!