Most frequently asked questions:

  1. Technical Help
  2. Account Help
  3. Shipping & Delivery

1.  Technical Help

I have an enquiry for a seal to be manufactured. What details should I provide?
To better understand your requirements, ideally we would need from you:

  • Type of seal (or alternatively, you can reference one of the profiles from our profile chart)*
  • Inside Diameter*
  • Outside Diameter*
  • Height/thickness (please include all height measurements if applicable)*
  • Material*
  • (Does it come into contact with any oil, hot water, steam or chemicals?)
  • Application
  • Pressure
  • Operating temperature
  • Slide speed
* indicates essential information

What if I can only provide partial details?
If you have a part number or seal sample you can show us, that would be perfect. In some cases, depending on the application, we may need to see the housing unit in which the seal sits. If you are delivering or sending seals or parts to us, please let us know beforehand by calling either the main Queensland branch, (07) 3290 1846 or if in Melbourne, the Victoria branch, (03) 9335 5699.

 I need help on determining the type of seal I need.
At Oz Seals, we provide services including failure analysis, seal design and FE analysis. If you need help quickly and would like to chat, call Wilhelm on (07) 3290 1846.

I have a technical question on material compatibility for my seal.
Material datasheets/MSDS are available on Sealnet under Oz Rom. For specific enquiries, you may prefer to call or email us.

2.  Account Help

How can I get a special discount?
We offer discounts for loyal clients and larger quantities. If you would like to ask us about a special discount, just give us a call. To enquire about setting up an account with us, please email us for an account application form.